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Buying, Selling or Moving?

If you're buying or selling a Chelaque home or property, or are a realtor involved in an ownership transfer, we would appreciate your assistance in keeping our records up-to-date. If you're a lot owner changing addresses, please inform us also, so there's no delay in getting HOA Assessments and other important information to you.

Please send an email to treasurer@chelaque.org providing your contact information, such as:

    Chelaque Address and/or Lot Number
    Current/Mailing Address
    Phone Number(s)
    Email Address

If you're new to Chelaque Estates, welcome! This is a great community. If you're moving on, we're sad to see you go but hope you enjoyed your time with us!

599 Proffitt Ridge Road, Mooresburg, TN 37811 - 423-921-8172
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